Andrey Logistic Inc. is the oldest trucking company located in the Cleveland | Metro area of Ohio. What we are offering you is the potential to maximize your profits on loads in and out of Cleveland | Akron | Canton, OH-Metro Area. Andrey Logistic Inc. has been known for a long time and the way to best maximize your profits is to pack the trailers as full as we can. Why should you be any different?

We can help your company cut its cost per mile by helping you fill your trailers to their maximum capacity. Of course, this won’t work on a heavy load, but there are a lot of light loads.

After loading your first load, bring it back to our warehouse, store it and pick up a second, and bring it back. Then we will help you load both loads on your truck thus enabling you to earn a greater profit. This will take a bit more effort on your part but it will make a difference.

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